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Is Mustard Oil Good for Health All over the World

It’s a big question for all of us that “is mustard oil good for health or not”. Because we all are using mustard oil abundantly in our cooking habits since a long period of decades. So, check the secrets behind the fruits of this awesome seed oil.

Is mustard oil really a good option for your health

From ancient time, traditionally, people are using mustard oil in every aspect of daily routine life, because of having many good values in it. As per traditional knowledge, experience and wisdom, mustard oil is used in every single recipe of Asians, specially Indians. It is most prominent in India because of having high smoke point.

In addition to taste and flavour of food, it cures many diseases related to heart, skin, hair and joints. To avail such health benefits, we can use the recommended amount of mustard oil in our daily routines for getting healthy lifestyle.

Key benefits of mustard oil

  • Mustard oil can be used in cooking and therapeutic purposes (body massage).
  • It contains monounsaturated i.e. Omega-9 and polyunsaturated fatty acids i.e. Omega-6 & 3, which is good for health in balanced condition.
  • It has very low content of saturated fats.
  • Helps in maintaining skin health.
  • Supports hair health.
  • It helps in maintaining good heart health. Lowers risk of ischemic (absence of blood) heart disease.
  • Acts as a preservative.
  • It supports immunity of body by using in body massage.
  • Helps in removing toxins from body.
  • It has cancer fighting properties.
  • Used as a taste enhancer due to its pungent taste.
  • Supports digestive health by stimulating digestive juices and bile juice in liver & spleen.
  • It has anti-inflammatory actions and helps in muscles health.

Mustard oil is best for health, if used in pure form and with recommended amount of use directives. For adults, a tea spoon of mustard oil is enough for a day. Parallely, Omega-3 intake is important in the ratio of 1:4-20. For 4-20 amount of Omega-6 (obtained by mustard oil or any other medium), 1 amount of Omega-3 is required definitely.

Mustard oil is the best balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6. So, it is highly beneficial for cardiac health if used properly.

A good suggestion for you is to take natural and pure mustard oil in recommended amount, for protecting your body from infections and degenerative disorders. It supports vitality and helps in boosting up immune system for fighting against viruses and bacteria.

Mustard provides essential nutrients like vitamin A, C, E, O-3, O-6, O-9 etc. for the growth, repairing and development of body cells.

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Marigold Plant Care Benefits with Classification (GENDA PHOOL)

Marigold plant care is so beneficial for you. It has so many medicinal benefits. In addition, marigold plant is used as an ayurvedic plant.

Marigold Flower (Genda phool)

Medicinal plants are widely used in traditional culture. All over the world, medicinal plants are becoming popular in modern society. Because they are natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals.
All the parts of marigold plant i.e. Genda phool, are used for medicinal purposes. They have external amd internal benefits. So, marigold plant can be used externally or internally.

Classification Of Marigold

Latin name is Targetes erectalinn.
Family is Asteraceae.
Class is Magnoliophyta.
Genus is Targetes.
Species is Erecta.

It is found in native to Mexico, Central America, Bolivia, India & Colombia.

Marigold flower i.e. Genda phool, is a beautiful bright orange flower. An aromatic flower that grows during the winter season. It is a temperate climate flowering plant that grows up to 79 cm in height. Flower shed are solitary, long stalked and thickening upward.

Species Of Marigold

There are about 33 species of the genus Targetes. Out of which, few species are introduced in the Indian gardens.

  • 1) Tagetes glandulifera Schrank (Tagetes minuta L)
  • 2) Tagetes patula (French Marigold)
  • 3) Tagetes lucida (Mexican Marigold, Sweet Scented Marigold)
  • 4) Tagetes tenulifolia (Striped Marigold)

Medical Properties Of Marigold (Ayurveda)

1)Rasa (Taste) – Tikta (Bitter), Kashya (Astringent)

2)Guna (Qualities) – Laghu (Light for digestion), Ruksha (Dry in nature)

3)Veerya (Potencey) – Sheeta (Cold)

4)Vipaka (Ripeness) – Katu (Under go pungent taste after digestion)

5)Karma (Actions) – Kaphapitta shamaka (reduces vitilated kapha), pitta dosha.

Different parts of Genda Phool (Marigold Flower) are used in folk medicines. They have medicinal benefits in curing various diseases.

Flowers are beneficial in the diseases such as stomachache, fever, epileptic fit (mirgi ka dhaura), astringent, carminative (agni vardhak), scabies (khujli).

Leaves are used in muscular pain, kidney troubles, antiseptic and can also be applied in boils (ulcer).
Infusion of plant is used against cold, bronchitis and rheumatism.

Marigold Plant Care Benefits and Pharmacological Activities

1). Anti microbial activity
2). Insecticidal activity
3). Anti bacterial activity
4). Antioxidant activity
5). Wound healing activity
6). Anti diabetic activity

Content published by Mrs. Kalpana Kalakoti (M.Pharm.)

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