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Best Proteins Are Made up of a Chain of Acid Molecules : Health Jaagran

In our society, the concept of protein is treated as an invaluable subject among people. While in many surveys, it is estimated that more than 80 percent of population in country is protein deficient. Now, point is that why protein is so much important for us and by which substance proteins are made up of?

Protein Definition

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Protein is a macro molecule or macro nutrient, that helps in growth, development, maintenance and repairing of body cells.

Significantly, it is known as a body building unit of our body. We can say it as a smallest unit of life. Although, it can be resembled like a single brick of a mansion. Here, protein is a brick and the mansion represents our body.

Therefore, protein is a building block of the human body. It is constituent of all living cells like muscles, bones, cartilage, skin and any other body parts or fluid.

Protein Classification or Protein Types

There are 3 types of proteins:

  • Globular
  • Fibrous
  • Membrane

Proteins Are Made up of

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Proteins are made up of a chain of amino acids. 20 types of amino acids help in making proteins. Out of which, 11 are non-essential and 9 are essential.

Proteins are vital to any living organism. They are the important component of muscle and other tissues. Protein provides essential amino acids and which are important for body metabolism, growth and development of the body. Protein is required for people from all aspects of lifestyle and life stages. Our body constantly uses up protein and does not store it. Therefore, it needs to be replenished every day.

Below the most common 20 amino acids in proteins are listed with their three-letter and one-letter codes:

Charged (side chains often form salt bridges):

  • Arginine – Arg – R
  • Lysine – Lys – K
  • Aspartic acid – Asp – D
  • Glutamic acid – Glu – E

Polar (form hydrogen bonds as proton donors or acceptors):

  • Glutamine – Gln – Q
  • Asparagine – Asn – N
  • Histidine – His – H
  • Serine – Ser – S
  • Threonine – Thr – T
  • Tyrosine – Tyr – Y
  • Cysteine – Cys – C

Amphipathic (often found at the surface of proteins or lipid membranes, sometimes also classified as polar):

  • Tryptophan – Trp – W
  • Tyrosine – Tyr – Y
  • Methionine – Met – M

Hydrophobic (normally buried inside the protein core):

  • Alanine – Ala – A
  • Isoleucine – Ile – I
  • Leucine – Leu – L
  • Methionine – Met – M
  • Phenylalanine – Phe – F
  • Valine – Val – V
  • Proline – Pro – P
  • Glycine – Gly – G

Protein Structure and Formation

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In our body, everything is made up of protein. Body cells, tissues, enzymes, hormones, secretion and even saliva is made up of protein molecules.

There are 20 different types of amino acids in our body.

Out of these 20 amino acids, 11 are non-essential amino acids means that these 11 can be synthesized in our body and we need not to take them from outside i.e. food and remaining 9 amino acids are known as essential amino acids because they can’t be synthesized in our body and we have to take them from outside i.e. food, for keeping ourself healthy.

Protein Function and Need

Different types of protein molecules are formed as per different combination of these 20 amino acids. Particular combination signifies such special function of protein in our body. As we know that enzymes, hormones etc. are a type of protein. So, these proteins are made up of different combination of amino acids for performing specific function of our body part.

An organism uses protein to build, repair, grow and maintain body cells and tissues. It helps to sustain healthy and strong body.

It provides essential amino acids required for healthy metabolism, growth and development.

Our body constantly consumes protein but does not store excess protein. Hence, daily intake of protein is necessary to ensure that our body gets the recommended amount of protein it needs.

  • Protein helps in maintaining body temperature.
  • Promotes body growth and maintenance.
  • It supports body fluid balance.
  • Helps in maintaining cholesterol level.
  • It supports skin and hair health.
  • Supports joint health.
  • Helps in weight management.
  • It acts as a messenger, hormones.

As per ICMR and WHO, a healthy adult needs approx. 1 gm protein/ kg of body weight every day. So, an adult of 60 kg would need approx. 60 gm of protein every day. Due to hectic lifestyle and poor eating habits, many of us may be lacking the required protein in our everyday diet.

As per ICMR, for 1 kg body weight, 1 gm of protein is essential.

For 50 kg body weight 50 gm of protein is required daily.

For children 1.5 gm protein per kg weight and for pregnant women, 1.75 gm protein per kg weight is required daily.

Protein Deficiency Disease

  • Kwashiorkor
  • Marasmus
  • Impaired mental health
  • Wasting and shrinkage of muscle tissues
  • Weak immune system
  • Hair fall
  • Skin problems
  • Oedema
  • Fatal death

Protein Sources or Protein Food List

We can get protein from food items like milk, eggs, cottage cheese (paneer), curd, pulses, fish, dried fruits, meat and poultry.

Protein in Chana

19 gm protein per 100 gm of black chickpea

Protein Content in Egg

13 gm protein per 100 gm of boiled egg

Protein Content in Milk

3.4 gm protein per 100 gm of milk (1% fat)

Protein in Paneer

14 gm protein per 100 gm of paneer

Protein in Banana

1.1 gm protein per 100 gm of bananas

Protein in Moong Dal

24 gm protein per 100 gm of moong beans

Protein Content in Chicken

27 gm protein per 100 gm of chicken

Protein Supplement

NUTRILITE All Plant Protein Powder Supplement, is a tri-blend of Soy protein, Wheat protein & Yellow Pea protein. It gives the tri-benefits of 80% protein that is 100% plant sourced. Also, this branded protein provides all 9 essential amino acids and is lactose free & easy to digest.

Along with regular diet, Nutrilite all plant protein powder can help in filling the gap of protein in everyday diet.

Nutrilite protein provides all of the 9 essential amino acids. The formulation offers the added benefits of naturally occurring soy isoflavones, calcium and iron. Every day, many new cells are being produced and old cells are destroyed in the body. All cells are made of proteins. The body requires 22 different amino acids, out of which 9 are essential amino acids.

Prevention is better than cure. So be alert and be aware of the importance of protein for enjoying a healthy life.


We are concluding with the hope that you would be firm about the concept of protein and respectively health in your life. Above, you might have understood the basic definition of protein and the ways in which you can maintain and sustain your good health for a better lifestyle.

Know about the health tips in Hindi (Post, Video)

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Amazing Tulsi Benefits in Hindi – तुलसी: प्रतिरोधक क्षमता बढ़ाने वाली जड़ी बूटी

Tulsi herb is widely used around the world due to its powerful health benefits. Its botanical name is Ocimum Sanctum. Tulsi has medicinal benefits and is a powerful antioxidant. So, we are going to elobarate types and amazing tulsi benefits in hindi language.

तुलसी – एंटी ऑक्सीडेंट: #Tulsi in Hindi

तुलसी को “इंडियन बेसिल” के नाम से जाना जाता है और अंग्रेजी में इसे “होली बेसिल” भी कहा जाता है। यह एक संस्कृत नाम है।

भारत में इसको “जड़ी बूटियों की रानी” भी कहा जाता है और देवी लक्ष्मी के रूप में सम्मान भी दिया जाता है। कहें तो समृद्धि की रानी भी कहा जा सकता है। इसलिए तुलसी को “श्री (लक्ष्मी) तुलसी” या “रामा तुलसी” या “विष्णु तुलसी” के नाम से भी जाना जाता है।

तुलसी हर एक भारतीय हिंदू परिवार के घर में उगाई जाती है। जैसा कि हम जानते हैं कि इसे एक पवित्र जड़ी-बूटी माना जाता है तथा स्वास्थ, संपत्ति और समृद्धि की देवी के रूप में भी पूजा जाता है।

दुनिया भर में तुलसी की लगभग 60 प्रजातियां हैं और व्यापक रूप से इन प्रजातियों को दो श्रेणियों में बांटा गया है।

तुलसी के व्यापक प्रकार: #Types of Tulsi

पहला होली बेसिल (ओसिमम् सेन्कटम्)

दूसरा मेडिटेरेनियन बेसिल (ओसीमम् बेसिलिकम)

इंडियन तुलसी के प्रकार: #Types of Indian Tulsi

  • रामा तुलसी” या “श्री तुलसी” (ओसीमम् सेन्कटम्) (हरी पत्तियां): ज्यादातर भारत, चाइना, ब्राजील और पूर्वी नेपाल के इलाकों में यह तुलसी पाई जाती है।
  • कृष्णा तुलसी” या “श्यामा तुलसी” (बैगनी रंग की पत्तियां): यह तुलसी ज्यादातर एशियाई देशों में पाई जाती है और मुख्यतः कहे तो भारत में ज्यादा पाई जाती है।
  • वना तुलसी (जंगली पत्तियां): ज्यादातर एशियाई और अफ्रीकन देशों में पाई जाती है।
  • कपूर तुलसी (वजनदार फूल): ज्यादातर भारत और यूनाइटेड स्टेट्स में पाई जाती है।

आयुर्वेद में, रामा तुलसी और कृष्णा तुलसी का प्रयोग बहुत ही व्यापक रूप से होता है। कृष्णा तुलसी (बैगनी पत्ते वाली तुलसी) स्वांस तंत्र, गले के संक्रमण, नाक के घाव, कान दर्द और त्वचा संबंधी रोगों को ठीक करने में बहुत फायदेमंद होती है।

ऊपर बताए गए तुलसी के चारों प्रकार होली बेसिल श्रेणी के अंतर्गत ही आते हैं।

तुलसी का एरियल(हवाई) अंग ही विशेष रुप से चिकित्सक उपचारों में काम आता है, जैसे काड़ा सूप। इसकी पत्तियां दिखने में हरे या बैगनी रंग की, अंडेकार और नुकीली नोक जैसी होती हैं।

स्वास्थ्य लाभ: #Tulsi Benefits in Hindi

  • इसका प्रमुख लाभ हमारे शरीर की प्रतिरोधक क्षमता (इम्यूनिटी) को बढ़ाना होता है।
  • यह ऑक्सीकरणरोधी (एंटीऑक्सीडेंट) के रूप में काम करती है। यह हमारे शरीर में फ्री रेडिकल्स के द्वारा की गई क्षति को कम करने में सहायता करती है।
  • तुलसी हमारे शरीर में द्रव्य पदार्थों (बॉडी फ्लूड), हार्मोनल और इंजॉयमैटिक कार्यों का संतुलन बनाए रखने में सहायता करती है।
  • तुलसी एंटीबैक्टीरियल, एंटीबायोटिक, जर्मीसाइडल, फंगीसाइडल और एंटीपायरेटिक (बुखार को रोकना) की तरह भी काम करती है।
  • यह पेनक्रिएटिक बीटा सेल्स के कार्यों को करने में सहायता करती है, जिससे इंसुलिन को नियंत्रित करने में सहयोग मिलता है। इसलिए तुलसी को डायबिटीज रोधक के नाम से भी जानते है।
  • तुलसी दिल से संबंधित बीमारियों से भी हमें बचाती है।
  • तुलसी डाईयूरेटिक (यूरिक एसिड संबंधी) और डिटॉक्सिफायर (विश को कम करने) के रूप में कार्य करती है इसलिए यह शरीर में यूरिक एसिड की मात्रा को घटाने में भी सहायक है।
  • यह एंटीइन्फ्लेमेटरी (सूजन कम करने में) दवा के रूप में सहायक है।
  • तुलसी एनाल्जेसिक (दर्द निवारक) जड़ी बूटी है।
  • तुलसी हैपेटोप्रोटेक्टिव (लीवर स्वास्थ्य संबंधी) विशेषता के लिए भी जानी जाती है।
  • यह कैंसर कोशिकाओं के स्वास्थ्य के लिए भी लाभप्रद है।
  • तुलसी रक्त वाहिनी (ब्लड वेसल्स) के देख-रेख में सहायता करती है।
  • यह तनाव रोधक (डीस्ट्रेसर) के रूप में कार्य करती है।

तुलसी के उपयोग: #Uses of Tulsi

  • यह हर्बल टी के रूप में भी उपयोग में लाई जाती है क्योंकि इसमें एंटीऑक्सीडेंट्स होते हैं।
  • तुलसी के तेल का प्रयोग कानों के लिए एयरड्राप के रूप में किया जाता है।
  • इसका उपयोग सिरदर्द, अपच, कान दर्द, बुखार, मिर्गी, हैजा, अनिद्रा, मलेरिया आदि जैसी आम बीमारियों को शीघ्र दूर करने के लिए किया जाता है।
  • तुलसी का पौधा आस्था का प्रतीक है। यह माना जाता है कि तुलसी हमें नकारात्मक प्रभावों से बचाती है। इसी वजह से यह हर जगह उगाई जाती है।
  • तुलसी की लकड़ी हस्तशिल्प आभूषणों के लिए उपयोग में लाई जाती है।

उपयोग के निर्देश: #Use Directives

तुलसी की पत्तियां, तुलसी का पाउडर या तुलसी टेबलेट को सामान्य पानी के साथ लिया जाना चाहिए।

एमवे न्यूट्रीलाइट तुलसी: #Amway Tulsi

Amway एक बहुदेशीय कंपनी है। जो उत्तम श्रेणी के प्राकृतिक सप्लीमेंट्स प्रदान करने के लिए विख्यात है। यहां तुलसी को बनाने का आधार प्रकृति की श्रेष्ठता, विज्ञान की श्रेष्ठता और परंपरागत बुध्दीमत्ता की श्रेष्ठता का अनूठा संगम है।

Amway तुलसी ही क्यों प्रयोग करें ?

  • उच्च स्तरीय उत्पादन प्रक्रिया: तमिलनाडु स्थित अत्याधुनिक प्लांट में उत्पादन की बेहतर उत्पाद प्रक्रियाओं का पालन करते हैं।
  • न्यूट्रास्यूटिकल गाइडलाइन अनुपालनकर्ता: एफ एस एस ए आई (FSSAI) द्वारा निर्धारित करें उत्पाद मार्गनिर्देशों का पालन करते हैं।
  • एक्टिव इनग्रेडिएंट: पौधों के एक्टिव इनग्रेडिएंट का ही प्रयोग करते हैं।
  • नॉन-जी एम ओ (Non-GMO) बीज: जेनेटिकली तैयार बीज प्रयोग में नहीं लाए जाते हैं।
  • सर्टिफाइड ऑर्गेनिक फार्म: श्रेष्ठ उत्पाद की शुरुआत शुद्ध जड़ी बूटियों के साथ करते हैं।
  • डीएनए फिंगरप्रिंटिंग हर्ब: जड़ी बूटियों की विभिन्न प्रजातियों में से सबसे अत्यधिक क्षमता वाली जड़ी बूटी का पता लगाने के लिए इस टेक्नोलॉजी का उपयोग किया जाता है।
  • उपरोक्त सभी विशेषताओं के आधार पर उत्तम पीएसपी (शुद्धता, सुरक्षा और प्रभाव) की जड़ी बूटी का चयन करना।

तुलसी विटामिन ए, विटामिन सी, कैल्शियम, जिंक, और आयरन का अच्छा स्रोत है। इसमें एंटीबैक्टीरियल और इंसेक्टिसाइडल विशेषताएं होती हैं तुलसी की पत्तियों में गंदे पानी को शुद्ध करने की क्षमता भी होती है।


Hopefully, i think now you would be aware about the features and health benefits of tulsi herb. Here tulsi benefits in Hindi language might have helped a lot to hindi lovers. Information regarding tulsi benefits in hindi has been shared to you so simply with deep understanding.

Enjoy and share your feelings about the article. Did it help you or not. Plz share and suggest us on e-mail.

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Tulsi Botanical Name and Powerful Tulsi Health Benefits in the World

Have you heard about the most powerful antioxidant i.e. Tulsi. Tulsi is known as immunity booster. Here, we are going to elaborate tulsi health benefits and importance of tulsi herb in maintaining your health. Tulsi botanical name is Ocimum Sanctum.

Are you looking for boosting your immunity system?


Are you looking for antioxidants?

You need antioxidants to fight against infections for keeping your body healthy. Antioxidants help in maintaining the basic conditions of your body so that to carry out metabolic activities in proper way.

You can say that antioxidants works like a cleanser for your body just like your household cleansers of house. The difference is that household cleansers are used for maintaining your house and antioxidants clean unwanted substances from your body.

-Health Jaagran

Tulsi: An Antioxidant

Tulsi is also known as holy basil (in English) or Indian basil. It is a Sanskrit name. Tulsi botanical name is Ocimum Sanctum. In India, this herb is known as “Queen of all herbs” and regarded as the avatar of goddess Lakshmi. So, also known as “Shri (Lakshmi) Tulsi” or “Rama Tulsi” or “Vishnu Tulsi”.

During this pandemic situation, you need to take food with full of antioxidants and organic supplements regularly so that to make your body for capable of fighting against covid-19 infection.

-Tikendra S Kunwar

Tulsi is grown up in almost every house of Indian Hindu family households as a fact of holy herb i.e. Goddess of health, wealth and prosperity. Importance of Tulsi herb in our culture is as much as the importance in our life.

Appx. 60 species are all over world. Tulsi herb is widely categorized in two categoriesHoly basil (Tulsi botanical name= ocimum sanctum) and Mediterranean basil (Tulsi botanical name= ocimum basilicum).

Types of Indian Tulsi: Tulsi Botanical Name

  1. Rama Tulsi or Shri Tulsi or Ocimum sanctum (Green leaves): Mostly found in India, China, Brazil and Eastern Nepal regions.
  2. Krishna Tulsi or Shyama Tulsi (Purple leaves): Mostly in India, Asia region.
  3. Vana Tulsi (Wild leaves): Mostly found in Asia and Africa.
  4. Kapoor Tulsi (Heavy flowered): Mostly found in India and U.S.

Rama Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi are used widely in Ayurveda. Purple leaf Tulsi is beneficial to treat throat infections, respiratory system, nasal lesions, earache and skin diseases. Above four types of Tulsi comes under major category of Holy basil.

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Arial part of Tulsi is used as medicinal decoctions (Karha soup). Tulsi leaves are oval shaped, green or purple colored, sharp tip and slightly toothed edges in appearance.

Health Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

  • Chief benefit is to boost up immune system of our body.
  • Tulsi has antioxidant effect so helps in reducing free radical damages in our body.
  • It helps in body fluid, hormonal and enzymatic regulations.
  • It acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, germicidal and fungicidal herb e.g. prevention from fever (antipyretic action).
  • Tulsi helps in proper functioning of pancreatic beta cells so that to help in insulin regulation i.e. acts as a diabetes preventer.
  • Tulsi prevents and protects against cardiovascular diseases.
  • It acts as a diuretic and detoxifier so that to help in reducing uric acid.
  • Tulsi also has many properties like anti-inflammatory (swelling reducer), analgesic (pain-reducer), hepatoprotective (liver-protector), cancer-fighter, blood vessel-protector, de-stressor etc.

Uses of Tulsi

  • It is used as herbal tea and gives benefits as an antioxidant.
  • Tulsi oil is used as an ear drop.
  • It can be used to recover instant headache, fever, indigestion, hysteria (mirgi), insomnia (sleeplessness), cholera (heja), malaria like problems.
  • This plant is believed to protect us from negative influences so planted by everyone.
  • Tulsi wood is used as handicraft jewelry items.

How to use (Use directives)

It is suggested to take tulsi leaves, tulsi powder or tulsi tablet with normal water.

Tulsi is a good source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc, Iron and it acts as anti-bacterial & insecticidal properties and its leaves have capabilities to purify contaminated water.

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Amway provides best organic supplements and that’s why it is a best source of herbal tulsi. Amway tulsi is made up with best of science practices, best of nature and best of traditional wisdom.

Why should we use Amway-Tulsi ?

  • Manufacturing of Amway Tulsi with good manufacturing practices, GMP.
  • Tulsi herb species identified and selected with DNA finger printing technology.
  • Use of Non-GMO (Genetically modified organism) seeds for cropping.
  • Use of certified organic farms for herbs farming practices.
  • High PSP (Potency, Safety and Purity) philosophy.
Amway – Nutrilite Tulsi

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You get to know that antioxidants play relevant role in your healthy lifestyle. Tulsi is a strong antioxidant and has several benefits for maintaining health of human body. Importance of Tulsi herb is very much in Ayurveda and has too many other benefits other than medication like decoration, ear drop, tea etc. Tulsi botanical name helps in finding its family and features.

Amway Tulsi is so much authentic and powerful organic supplement for building your immune system because of having high potency, purity & safety.

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Are You Ready with the Powerful Concept of Health and Fitness

Normally in our society, the concept of health and fitness is treated as a surplus and invaluable subject among people. So, people usually say that the health of an individual is the condition of wellbeingness, when an individual is not affected by any kind of disease.

In fact, if an individual is free from illness, injury and pain. Then people treat it as a healthy life. While mostly they are not even aware about the powerful concept of health and fitness.

Are you accepting this kind of thinking? How do you feel about the health and wellness in your lifestyle?

But i can’t accept it. Because i think, i can’t analyse myself as much as healthy before any examine and also i can not sure myself that how much time, i am affecting from any disease before the symptoms i feel.

So, if still you think that you are healthy. Then you must read given below information about the powerful concept of health and fitness. Really, believe us. Its for you only.

What is the concept of health and fitness ?

“Health is wealth” is a most common proverb among people. But the question is that, does they really prove it. People indulge in earning money whole life by compromising health. At the last, they have to spend that earning for maintaining good health. So, people should be aware about exact definition of health so that they can maintain at their best.

Certainly, importance of health is understood by people at the last of life. Whole life, they enjoys a lot with compromising health. But they feels bad after spending a long journey, when there would be no chance to recover their degenerative disorders.

WHO (World Health Organization) says: Health definition by WHO

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Therefore, significance of good health comes with good balance in between the body, mind and relationships. Firstly, body signifies physical health. Secondly, mind signifies mental health. Thirdly, relationship signifies social health. Hence, complete health means to overlap all states of life.

Types of health

Physical Health or State: (Body)

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Physical health is the condition of a body that defines the overall wellbeingness of an organism with respect to the fitness level and the absence of diseases in the body at physical level. So, it can be affected by your lifestyle. Therefore, you need to follow good physical habits in your daily routine work. Moreover, people must intake good nutrition for healthy physique.

Following are few measures of physical health –

  • Anatomical condition
  • Physiological condition
  • Biochemical functions of body
  • Investigations done by using anthropometric methods, CBC (Complete blood count), CUT (Complete urine test), KFT (Kidney failure test), LFT (Liver failure test), RFT (Renal failure test) etc.

Mental Health or State: (Mind)

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Mental health is the condition of a body that defines the overall wellbeingness of an organism with respect to emotional state. So, it is all about our feelings, wishes, thinking & behavior. You need to maintain yourself emotionally, for having a good health and therefore, you have to think positively and feel good. In addition, nutrition also plays an important role in mental health.

Nutrition helps in maintaining mental peace and calmness. So, you can use herbs like ashwagandha, as a vitality booster.

Following are few measures of mental health –

  • Psychological condition
  • Spirituality
  • Enjoyment of his/her life
  • Good relationship with others
  • Stress level
  • Investigations done by IQ test, personality test etc. (Mental problems are identified based on the experiences and observations of a variety of symptoms and then results into a psychiatric diagnosis while with psychological problems, the clinicians formulate a hypothesis based on symptoms as per social and environmental factors affecting the patient).

Social Health or State: (Relationship)

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Social health is defined as the state of ability of an organism to make healthy relationships with other organism in positive ways. Hence, human being should maintain a good relation with every other human being and even animals around them so that they can create a positive environment to live in a better way.

Good relationship comes with positive mindset. Therefore, people need to have good mental health. In other words, they have to do work on their positive mental attitude. So, positive thinking with positive actions can make a good relations.

Following are few measures of social health –

  • Living well in surroundings
  • Cultural aspects
  • Traditional life
  • Conversation in society
  • Investigations done by checking personal & social attitude, level of literacy, employment, respect in society, communication skills etc.

In addition, Optimal Health (Definition of optimal health) equals to the status of physical exercise, positive mental attitude, adequate rest and nutritional intake of an individual i.e. nutrition.

Pillars of optimal health of an organism

Firstly, E (Physical exercise) +

Secondly, A (Positive attitude) +

Thirdly, R (Adequate rest) +

Fourthly, N (Good nutrition).

That’s why, we call that optimal health does not come by self. It has to EARN.

E = Physical exercise:

Medical science and clinicians/doctors suggests that everyone should do exercise (sweat must come) of minimum 30 min to 45 min per day so that body can consume energy, being taken through food.

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A = Positive attitude:

Everyone must read positive mental attitude books or listen audios/ videos for enhancing positive mindset and living stress less life.

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R = Adequate rest:

As per medical experts, everyone must sleep well in between  appx. 6 hrs. to 8 hrs. daily so that body cells can be repaired properly on daily basis.

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N = Good nutrition:

Nutritious food is required to fulfill basic energy requirement of body cells. In addition, nutrition is needed for cells’s growth & maintenance, regulation of body fluids and building immune system to protect body cells from foreign particles.

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Prevention is better than cure. So be alert, be aware of health aspects and prevent yourself & your surroundings for enjoying a healthy life.


In this paragraph, i am concluding with the hope that you would be firm about the concept of health in your life. Above, you might have understood the basic definition of your optimal health and the ways in which you can maintain and sustain your good health for a better lifestyle.

Health is an important pillar of successful life. It plays a vital role in getting real success in life. Success is worthless without good health. So, you need to be aware about health. Rather, people are so much conscious about money only. Health is as much as important like money in life.

Know about the health tips in Hindi (Post, Video)

Please keep in touch for sharing more knowledge.

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