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COVID 19 Awareness Objectives : Corona (CLAW)

COVID-19 is the epidemic that came with the lots of myths and worldwide economical failure. It is affecting the physical, economical, mental and psychological status of every common man in many countries.

So, we must work on covid 19 awareness objectives to aware more no. of people.

Many professionals and volunteers are indulging in preventing and curing this era of epidemic. But few common things are also required from a common people of every country to stop and demolish this completely through awareness programs.

Governmental agencies/ departments/ volunteers/ political parties and even primer minister are appealing on covid 19 awareness objectives. They are requesting to every common people of country to stay home and maintain hygiene. Also, follow instructions given against COVID-19 epidemic.
In same manner, we planned to do awareness events as named as CLAW-19.

Purpose of CLAW-19 event is to aware people regarding COVID-19. Also situation needs to engage people in innovations and learning processes during the period of epidemic lock-down.

Thanks and Be a part of it.