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Environment Day 2022


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Earth Day


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Happy Earth Day

Amazing And Powerful Concept of Ecosystem – Ecological collapse

Are you aware about the dying of powerful ecosystems? Human beings are giving fuel to the fire like situation of unbalancing ecosystems regularly. In fact, human’s curiosity for finding new ways of comfort is the cause behind the dying of powerful ecosystems. Now, it is time to understand the concept of ecosystem and to aware others about the importance of ecosystem so that to protect life around us.

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It is becoming a mysterious fact that human beings are going to die with deteriorating conditions of ecosystem or nature. Because ecosystem needs mutual interaction of all organisms with each other but human beings are not doing the same and stepping ahead with technology without thinking the value of life of any other organism.

Just imagine, what will happen after dying of powerful ecosystems around you?

To imagine consequences, firstly we must know about few basic things regarding the concept of ecosystem.

Define the concept of ecosystem?

Ecosystem is a group or community of living organisms i.e. animals and plants, in which they live with each other in their mutual interaction under specific environmental conditions.

Scientifically, we can say that ecosystem is a basic unit of nature.

What are the components of ecosystem?

Ecosystem is made up of two components:

  • Biotic (Biocoenosis) = Group of living organisms like animals & plants, those live in interaction with each other.
  • Abiotic (Biotope) = Physical environment with specific characteristics like temperature, humidity, ph etc.

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Reasons behind dying of our powerful ecosystems

  • Deforestation
  • Excessive concretization
  • Pollution due to industrial growth
  • Soil exploitation by huge changes in agricultural practices
  • Air pollution by industry and automobiles
  • Soil pollution by industry and agriculture
  • Water pollution by industry and over exploitation
  • Technology development
  • Making of dams effects river shore dependent organisms
  • Over fishing
  • Huge biodiversity losses etc.

Are humans separate from nature?

No, human beings are also a part of an ecosystem in the nature. All ecosystems must be in ecological balance to each other for sustaining the nature in healthy condition.


I belongs to a hilly “pahadi” area of Uttarakhand state in India. Since my childhood, i am fond of nature because i was so connected with nature during my upbringing in my village. I always tried to enjoy with plants, animals and beautiful scenes around me, without bothering about career & future perspectives but those lovely memories and instances taught me values of life that i couldn’t learn from any other thing. Today, i really feel proud to have that awesome learning of the essence of love, peace, commitment and struggle of nature for creating something big and essential for living beings. We can’t differentiate human from nature because humans exist only because of nature and definitely we can say that humans are a part nature.

-Tikendra S Kunwar

Consequences of ecological collapse: Dying of powerful ecosystems

Learn Environment & Ecology

Most of birds, animals, plants & insects have their specific role in their specific ecosystem by performing particular activity to interact with each other but now many of organisms are extincting rapidly due to scarcity of food, shelter, water & so on. Due to which, unbalance in the ecosystem is increasing day by day.

A big gap is evolving in between organisms and this gap is resulting in disturbance of all ecosystems in the nature. There are so many influences of this disturbance on the life of all organisms in different ecosystems.

Are you really encouraging and appreciating this? You need to wake up and take movement for conservation of your nature so that to offer a healthy and happy environment to your upcoming generations.

Some of major possibilities or worst conditions, after dying of powerful ecosystems may be as follows:
  • Extinction of so many species of different ecosystems will be started
  • Huge no. of animals will shift themselves from forests to human societies
  • Life span of existing organisms will be decreased
  • Lifestyle of human beings will be effected drastically
  • Possibilities of change in feeding habits of all organisms
  • Evolution of some new species for surviving in dominating conditions
  • Only one species will remain at last who will be fittest
  • Human beings might be evolved with new physical and mental conditions

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Nature or Ecosystems are being effected by human beings through their excessive forceful changes in the nature. If you think that you should protect your ecosystem or nature from dying, then definitely you must go to aware people about the amazing concept of ecosystem and to stop the over exploitation of natural resources.

You can imagine the worst situations without natural resources. It will be too tough to manage and survive life, even with the deficit amount of natural resources.

So, you must use natural resources wisely in controlled manner and also aware others to take steps for conservation of nature.

Please keep in touch to share more knowledge.

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