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Result of Coronavirus Awareness Poster Drawing Competition

Friends, a coronavirus awareness poster drawing competition held during the period of COVID-19 awareness week i.e. lock-down period. Purpose of this event was to aware our little champions and their family. It was held in between 27th March-20 to 4th April-20.

Little warriors participated and enjoyed with their family along with learnings as we hope. It was just initiative to take participation in fighting against COVID-19 so that we can aware our society and live the life happily. Coronavirus awareness poster drawing competition helped in awaring people efficiently under CLAW19.

Result is made by a panel team of 6 core members. Given below is the result of drawing competition:

1st prize goes to Master Prakram Adhikari from Rudrapur. He is a student of class 3rd.

2nd prize goes to Miss Namrata Kunwar from Rudrapur. She is a student of class 3rd.

3rd prize goes to Master Hirel Khanduri from Rudrapur. He studies in class 4th.

Congratulations and appreciations to all Winners and Participants for taking part in this awareness event.