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Peerul glass jars, the standardized premium quality glassware that care for Health & Safety of your entire family.

Hexagonal Glass Jar Features:

  • Premium Quality: Glass jar is complaint to standard quality with in-house tested results.
  • Premium service: The premium quality Peerul glasswares are available at unbeatable prices with unmatched quality of service. We offer a wide range of customized services to meet all your requirements at your fingertips.
  • Care your Health & Safety: It is made up of natural raw materials like silica without any hazards, that minimize the adverse chemical impact on your health & surroundings.
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat: It is made by Our Own People (Made in India) and specially presented to fulfill your needs.
  • Perfect matchmaking: It meets your everyday demand, it’s transparent, glossy and finished shape suits for kitchen wares, storage of food products, gift packs, decorative purposes & best suited for your business purpose too.
  • Feel Nature: It has Natural Shade and  with good holdings that serve best for all your parties, home kitchens, dining rooms, guest rooms, restaurants, hotels etc.
  • Keep your premise plastic waste free: On delivery of Peerul Glasswares, no more piles of plastic packaging waste at your home, we use innovative reusable packaging to reduce your plastic waste burden.

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