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Do you know about Nutrilite? Nutrition is incomplete without Nutrilite. Many of you ask – Is Nutrilite a good brand? I answer it “Yes”.

Nutrilite, is the renowned name in the field of nutrition and health wellness industry. Although, this brand is the world’s no. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand.

Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins & Dietary Supplements, World, GBN, Retail Value RSP.

It is started in 1934. Today, it has been served for more than 85 years.

Organic farms

Nutrilite brand beats on its certified organic farms, where Nutrilite grows the plants for making Nutrilite products, which are so much close to nature.

Today, Nutrilite has more than 6400 acres of farms all over world. These are being managed with environmentally responsible and sustainable biological intensive agriculture practices. Hence, it is providing botanicals grown in accordance with nature.

There are so much efforts to maintain the natural integrity, nutritional value and number one standing of Nutrilite as a world’s no. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand.

nutrilite organic farming
Amway Nutrilite brochure

Working philosophy

Nutrilite brand follows a philosophy of best in nature, best in science and best in traditional wisdom. From state of art, nutrient analysis to organically grown plants, Nutrilite finds the best in nature and through the best of science. So, it helps us in connecting with nature everyday.

Nutrilite extracts the inherent goodness of nature through advanced technology in the world. It leads to optimal nutrition and gives best life to live with nature.

There are 500 scientists and 57 laboratories with Nutrilite brand. Nutrilite maintains stringent standards along with continuous process for further improvement in each segment.

Concentrated formulas enhance the efficiency of many Amway products. These products offer excellent value-for-money. They are also biodegradable, environment friendly and not tested on animals.


The Nutrilite brand is all about a personalized approach to optimal nutrition. That’s why Nutrilite offers such a wide array of products, programs and customized ways to complement a diet & a balanced lifestyle with supplementation. Also, it offers ways for weight management and other healthy lifestyle tools. So each person can find his or her personal path to optimal nutrition.

Source: Amway Nutrilite brochure

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