Nutrients Definition and Powerful Benefits of Nutrients in The World

Nutrients are the fuel of your body. These can be taken only from outside through food. Do you know the powerful benefits of nutrients and Why do you need nutrients for your body? In fact, nutrients definition with their types and roles, must be clear in your mind for living with healthy food and happy lifestyle.

Nutrients and their powerful benefits

Hence, there may be lot of questions in your mind about facts of nutrients, nutrients definition and their functions in your body. But those doubts will be cleared here. Now, it depends on you whether you check given below information deeply or just on surface.

So, let starts from basics of nutrients definition.

Nutrients Definition

Nutrients are: The chemical substances present in the food. Although, these chemical substances must be supplied to the body of an organism in proper amount for its growth, repairing, maintenance and reproduction activities.

Nutrients provide body nourishment. These are essential for maintenance of life and growth. Also, different type of nutrients perform specific function in your body and required in different amounts.

Please keep in mind that nutrient is a source of nourishment such as food, that can be metabolized by an organism for giving energy and building tissues. While, nutrition is the organic process by which an organism assimilates food.

Different types of organism have different essential nutrients. Nutrients are categorized as Organic and Inorganic. Plants nutritional requirement varies as compared with animals because plants synthesize many of nutrients itself. Although, total no. of 17 nutrients are required by plants. But out of these nutrients, 9 nos. of nutrients (nitrogen (N), phosphorus(P), potassium(K), calcium(Ca), sulfur(S), magnesium(Mg), carbon (C), oxygen(O) and hydrogen(H)) are macro-nutrients and 8 nos. of nutrients (iron (Fe), boron (B), chlorine (Cl), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo) and nickel (Ni)) are micro-nutrients.

Broad classification of nutrients

Organic nutrients

Include carbon containing compounds.

Inorganic nutrients

Include non-carbon containing compounds.

for example iron, selenium, zinc containing compounds.

Classification of nutrients as per functions

Energy giving nutrients

Major nutrients responsible for providing energy are carbohydrates and fats. These help in providing energy for doing daily routine activities.

Body building nutrients

Major nutrient that is responsible for body building is protein. It helps in growing body by formation of new tissues.

Protective nutrients

Major nutrients those are responsible for performing defence mechanism of our body are vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help in protecting our body from infections by building immune system.

Regulatory nutrients

Major nutrients are vitamins, minerals and water. These helps in maintaining regulatory function of body like fluid balance, body temperature etc.

Nutrients classification as per describing nutritional requirement of organisms

A. Macro nutrients definition & function

Nutrients consumed in large amounts (grams or ounces).

  • Includes chemical compounds i.e. Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein and Water.
  • Includes chemical elements i.e. CHNOPS (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Sulphur). These 6 elemental nutrients are macronutrients for all organisms.
  • Used to provide energy for growth and maintenance of an organism.
  • Play role in giving energy and body building of an organism.


  • Carbohydrates are compounds made up of types of sugars. They are classified as monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides & polysaccharides.


  • Proteins are organic compounds consist of amino acids which are joined by peptide bonds. Through digestion, proteins broken down back into amino acids with the help of proteases.


  • Fats are glycerin molecules with fatty acids. Fatty acids are molecules with -COOH group attached to unbranched hydrocarbon chains.
  • Energy content: Fat(9kcal/gm), Protein(4kcal/gm) & Carbs(4kcal/gm).

Plant nutrient

Plant nutrient

Plant nutrient


B. Micro nutrients definition & function

Nutrients consumed in small amounts (milligrams or micrograms).

  • Includes Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Biochemical and physiological functions in cellular processes, like vascular functions and nerve conduction.
  • Play role in protection of an organism from foreign particles e.g. bacteria, viruses etc.
  • Minerals are trace elements and essential for metabolic activities.
  • Vitamins are organic compounds essential for our body and act as a co-factors or co-enzymes for various proteins in our body, metabolic regulators or antioxidants.
  • Vitamin deficiency lead to diseases but Minerals deficiency can cause even death because minerals have vital role in functioning of organ system e.g. lack of hemoglobin due to iron deficiency, heart attack due to calcium deficiency etc.

Essential nutrients: Definition & Function

Nutrients required for normal physiological or biochemical operations in an organism which are not synthesized in the body either completely or in sufficient quantity.

  • Must be taken from dietary sources.
  • Relevant for various metabolic activities.
  • Detail of essential nutrients : 9 amino acids (phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, lysine, and histidine). 2 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) and linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid)). 13 vitamins (vitamins A, C, D, E(tocopherols and tocotrienols), K, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), biotin (B7), folate (B9), and cobalamin (B12). 15 minerals (potassium, chloride, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, chromium, molybdenum, selenium and cobalt (component of vitamin B12).
  • Need to take additionally from dietary supplements for optimum health.

Non-essential nutrients: Definition & Function

Substances within foods that can have a significant impact on health and found abundantly in body and resources. Also available in sufficient amount for body functions.

  • Can be synthesized in our body.
  • Need not to take additionally from dietary supplements.

Phyto-nutrients: Definition & Function

Means plant based nutrients. These are phytochemicals those include all nutritional and non-nutritional components of plants e.g. polyphenols, flavonoids, resveratrol, and lignans.

Phyto-nutrients are plant based compounds which are rich in antioxidants and are key ingredients to help neutralize free radical damages.

Combination of vitamins and minerals with phyto-nutrients induces high potential effect of nutrients for empowering immune system of an organism.
  • They have strong antioxidant effects. We observe that plants have long and effective life span.
  • Found in plant colors and peels.
  • Phytochemicals are still under researches for knowing their potentials on human health.

“Nutrients are lifeline of our successful healthy lifestyle”


Nutrients meaning in Hindi

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Amazing Facts on Nutrition For Healthy Food And Healthy Life

In today’s world, everybody is talking about the facts of nutrition and malnutrition. In fact, nutritional information plays an important role in your daily routine activities for getting healthy food and healthy life. But the point is that, how much aware you are, about the values of nutrition and malnutrition in your lifestyle. So, probably, you will be willing to learn and feel the facts of healthy lifestyle.

Hence, it is our pleasure that we are explaining the same for you with simplicity. Importantly, you can understand the importance of nutrition for getting healthy food and healthy life. So, you can learn and implement the importance of nutrition in your life so that to have better and healthy living.

What do you mean by nutrition and how does it help you for getting healthy food and healthy life ?

Nutrition is

The science of body nourishment.

We can say that it is a branch of science that explains the role of nutrients and other substances of food.

In other words, this branch of science deals with the food substances in relation to repairing & maintenance, growth & development, reproduction and health & disease of an organism for making healthy life.

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So, you can say that the nutrition is a science of food, nutrients and other substances. Their action, their interaction and balance in relation to health and diseases also plays a vital role.

Healthy food and healthy life
Healthy food and healthy life

Antoine Lavoisier (French chemist), is known as Father of Nutrition & Chemistry”. In 1770, he discovered the concept of metabolism. Most importantly, metabolism is the transfer of food and oxygen into heat & water in the body and consequently it creates energy. So, the metabolism signifies the role and process of different reactions in the body.

Nutrition plays a significant role in your healthy food and healthy life, even before your birth. Although we may not always be aware of it but it continues to affect us in major ways till we die. So, it is a really amazing topic to check out with patience.

Types of nutrition: Healthy Food and Healthy Life

Autotrophic Nutrition

In this type of nutrition, an organism synthesizes high energy organic molecule(food) from low energy inorganic molecules. Although, the low energy molecules are available in nearby surroundings like carbon from CO2, nitrogen from nitrates etc.. So, autotrophic organisms are dependent on themselves.

For example, green plants.

Symbiotic Nutrition

In this type of nutrition, two organisms live in mutual association and derive nutrition from each other. So, they are interdependent to each other.

For example, E.coli lives in intestine of man & synthesizes B12 and in return E.coli gets energy from intestine of man.

Heterotrophic Nutrition

In this type of nutrition, an organism obtains food by feeding on other organisms. But this type of nutrition is further categorized as follows –

  • Holozoic Nutrition: An organism engulf complete food into the body, digests it and then absorbs nutrients through digested food. For example, human beings (herbivores, carnivores and omnivores).
  • Saprotrophic Nutrition: In this type, an organism digests food outside the body through digestive enzymes and then absorbs nutrients. For example, some bacteria, spider, housefly etc.
  • Parasitic Nutrition: In this category, an organism derives food from other living organism by living on or inside the body of organism (called as host). But host may or may not be affected by this relationship. For example, some bacteria, tapeworm, roundworm etc.

In addition, Nutrition is the science that includes processes, by which an animal or plant takes in and utilizes food substances.

Nutrition involves following processes

  1. Firstly, Ingestion of food.
  2. Secondly, Digestion of large particles of food into small particles within GI tract.
  3. Thirdly, Absorption of nutrients in small intestine.
  4. Fourthly, Transportation of nutrients through blood stream.
  5. Fifthly, Utilization of nutrients within cells and
  6. Sixth, Excretion of waste product.

Factors affecting the nutrition of an organism

  1. Social compulsions of food and eating habits.
  2. Cultural implications of food and eating habits.
  3. Economical problems of food and eating habits and
  4. Psychological issues of food and eating habits.

Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health are important for your self-esteem and self-image. So, always try to maintain healthy lifestyle by doing things positively.

Good nutrition is an important part of a healthy food and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, along with physical activity, positive attitude and adequate rest, good food/nutrition helps you to reach an optimal health. This complete balance helps in maintaining a healthy weight, reduced risk of chronic diseases and promotes overall good health.

Healthy food is the key of healthy nutrition. Therefore, you need to take good nutrition through healthy food for keeping yourself healthy. Essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, mineral and water, are utmost requirement of an organism to live healthy life. Because these nutrients gives energy and protection for growth, maintenance and repairing of body cells.

In current situation, healthy food means to have organic and pure food that contains all essential nutrients in its pure, potent and safe form. Because of so much adulteration and environmental bad conditions around you, your life has been hassled. So, you need to fulfill your daily requirement of all nutrients for getting healthy life. Healthy food helps in maintaining full tank of your body nutrition so that life could be easy and enjoyable.

Insufficient amount of essential nutrients in the body leads to degenerative disorders due to lack of proper nourishment.

Therefore, Inadequate amount of nutrition or improper nutritional status of an organism leads to malnutrition.

What do you mean by malnutrition and how does it effect our healthy food and healthy life ?


It refers to impairment or loss of">healthhealth. As a fact, malnutrition results from deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and or nutrients.

Hence, lack of essential nutrients in the body is known as malnutrition. Also, we can say that insufficient amount of nutrients in the body is a kind of malnutrition.


Malnutrition includes poor diet, poor digestive conditions or any other disease. In fact, there are several factors, effecting malnutrition of an individual. It may be social, physical or financial.

Symptoms are as follows

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Weight loss and
  • Loss in concentration power

Untreated malnutrition can cause physical or mental disabilities.

There are 2 broad groups of malnutrition

Under nutrition

  • Under nutrition: Nutrition in the body of an individual is less than recommended dietary allowance (RDA)
    • Deficiency of calories- It includes underweight (low weight for age), stunting (low height for age) and wasting (low weight for height).
    • Deficit amount of vitamins & minerals- micro nutrients related malnutrition: Includes micro nutrients deficiencies such as anemia, rickets, pellagra, night blindness, scurvy etc. as well as excesses such as toxicity due to vitamin A.

Over nutrition

  • Over nutrition: Nutrition in the body of an individual is in excess amount than the standard range of recommended dietary allowances (RDA).
    • Overweight, obesity and diet related non communicable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancers etc.

Malnutrition affects people in every country. So, you need to be aware yourself about it. Also try to awake others and always intake nutritious food for enhancing nutritional status of your body & for enjoying your healthy lifestyle.

I think you have known to so much valuable information about healthy nutrition. Here, you have learnt the facts of nutrition and malnutrition. Now, you can implement the same & take care of yourself and your family with the feeling of wellness.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”

– La Rochefoucauld (French author)

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Are You Ready with the Powerful Concept of Health and Fitness

Normally in our society, the concept of health and fitness is treated as a surplus and invaluable subject among people. So, people usually say that the health of an individual is the condition of wellbeingness, when an individual is not affected by any kind of disease.

In fact, if an individual is free from illness, injury and pain. Then people treat it as a healthy life. While mostly they are not even aware about the powerful concept of health and fitness.

Are you accepting this kind of thinking? How do you feel about the health and wellness in your lifestyle?

But i can’t accept it. Because i think, i can’t analyse myself as much as healthy before any examine and also i can not sure myself that how much time, i am affecting from any disease before the symptoms i feel.

So, if still you think that you are healthy. Then you must read given below information about the powerful concept of health and fitness. Really, believe us. Its for you only.

What is the concept of health and fitness ?

“Health is wealth” is a most common proverb among people. But the question is that, does they really prove it. People indulge in earning money whole life by compromising health. At the last, they have to spend that earning for maintaining good health. So, people should be aware about exact definition of health so that they can maintain at their best.

Certainly, importance of health is understood by people at the last of life. Whole life, they enjoys a lot with compromising health. But they feels bad after spending a long journey, when there would be no chance to recover their degenerative disorders.

WHO (World Health Organization) says: Health definition by WHO

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Therefore, significance of good health comes with good balance in between the body, mind and relationships. Firstly, body signifies physical health. Secondly, mind signifies mental health. Thirdly, relationship signifies social health. Hence, complete health means to overlap all states of life.

Types of health

Physical Health or State: (Body)

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Physical health is the condition of a body that defines the overall wellbeingness of an organism with respect to the fitness level and the absence of diseases in the body at physical level. So, it can be affected by your lifestyle. Therefore, you need to follow good physical habits in your daily routine work. Moreover, people must intake good nutrition for healthy physique.

Following are few measures of physical health –

  • Anatomical condition
  • Physiological condition
  • Biochemical functions of body
  • Investigations done by using anthropometric methods, CBC (Complete blood count), CUT (Complete urine test), KFT (Kidney failure test), LFT (Liver failure test), RFT (Renal failure test) etc.

Mental Health or State: (Mind)

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Mental health is the condition of a body that defines the overall wellbeingness of an organism with respect to emotional state. So, it is all about our feelings, wishes, thinking & behavior. You need to maintain yourself emotionally, for having a good health and therefore, you have to think positively and feel good. In addition, nutrition also plays an important role in mental health.

Nutrition helps in maintaining mental peace and calmness. So, you can use herbs like ashwagandha, as a vitality booster.

Following are few measures of mental health –

  • Psychological condition
  • Spirituality
  • Enjoyment of his/her life
  • Good relationship with others
  • Stress level
  • Investigations done by IQ test, personality test etc. (Mental problems are identified based on the experiences and observations of a variety of symptoms and then results into a psychiatric diagnosis while with psychological problems, the clinicians formulate a hypothesis based on symptoms as per social and environmental factors affecting the patient).

Social Health or State: (Relationship)

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Social health is defined as the state of ability of an organism to make healthy relationships with other organism in positive ways. Hence, human being should maintain a good relation with every other human being and even animals around them so that they can create a positive environment to live in a better way.

Good relationship comes with positive mindset. Therefore, people need to have good mental health. In other words, they have to do work on their positive mental attitude. So, positive thinking with positive actions can make a good relations.

Following are few measures of social health –

  • Living well in surroundings
  • Cultural aspects
  • Traditional life
  • Conversation in society
  • Investigations done by checking personal & social attitude, level of literacy, employment, respect in society, communication skills etc.

In addition, Optimal Health (Definition of optimal health) equals to the status of physical exercise, positive mental attitude, adequate rest and nutritional intake of an individual i.e. nutrition.

Pillars of optimal health of an organism

Firstly, E (Physical exercise) +

Secondly, A (Positive attitude) +

Thirdly, R (Adequate rest) +

Fourthly, N (Good nutrition).

That’s why, we call that optimal health does not come by self. It has to EARN.

E = Physical exercise:

Medical science and clinicians/doctors suggests that everyone should do exercise (sweat must come) of minimum 30 min to 45 min per day so that body can consume energy, being taken through food.

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A = Positive attitude:

Everyone must read positive mental attitude books or listen audios/ videos for enhancing positive mindset and living stress less life.

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R = Adequate rest:

As per medical experts, everyone must sleep well in between  appx. 6 hrs. to 8 hrs. daily so that body cells can be repaired properly on daily basis.

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N = Good nutrition:

Nutritious food is required to fulfill basic energy requirement of body cells. In addition, nutrition is needed for cells’s growth & maintenance, regulation of body fluids and building immune system to protect body cells from foreign particles.

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Prevention is better than cure. So be alert, be aware of health aspects and prevent yourself & your surroundings for enjoying a healthy life.


In this paragraph, i am concluding with the hope that you would be firm about the concept of health in your life. Above, you might have understood the basic definition of your optimal health and the ways in which you can maintain and sustain your good health for a better lifestyle.

Health is an important pillar of successful life. It plays a vital role in getting real success in life. Success is worthless without good health. So, you need to be aware about health. Rather, people are so much conscious about money only. Health is as much as important like money in life.

Know about the health tips in Hindi (Post, Video)

Please keep in touch for sharing more knowledge.

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Result of Coronavirus Awareness Poster Drawing Competition

Friends, a coronavirus awareness poster drawing competition held during the period of COVID-19 awareness week i.e. lock-down period. Purpose of this event was to aware our little champions and their family. It was held in between 27th March-20 to 4th April-20.

Little warriors participated and enjoyed with their family along with learnings as we hope. It was just initiative to take participation in fighting against COVID-19 so that we can aware our society and live the life happily. Coronavirus awareness poster drawing competition helped in awaring people efficiently under CLAW19.

Result is made by a panel team of 6 core members. Given below is the result of drawing competition:

1st prize goes to Master Prakram Adhikari from Rudrapur. He is a student of class 3rd.

2nd prize goes to Miss Namrata Kunwar from Rudrapur. She is a student of class 3rd.

3rd prize goes to Master Hirel Khanduri from Rudrapur. He studies in class 4th.

Congratulations and appreciations to all Winners and Participants for taking part in this awareness event.

Corona Awareness Drawing Poster Event : CLAW-19

Our social institution named as Prayaas-ek pahal is providing a big arena with claw-19 for all the children upto class Vth to express their Inner & Unique talent. This competition is specifically designed to let the children be aware of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and to create an engagement among family members with corona awareness drawing poster.

In this epidemic situation its important to segregate FACTS out of MYTH.

So, be a part of this initiative and
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Competition Poster


Following are rules and regulations of event :


COVID 19 Awareness Objectives : Corona (CLAW)

COVID-19 is the epidemic that came with the lots of myths and worldwide economical failure. It is affecting the physical, economical, mental and psychological status of every common man in many countries.

So, we must work on covid 19 awareness objectives to aware more no. of people.

Many professionals and volunteers are indulging in preventing and curing this era of epidemic. But few common things are also required from a common people of every country to stop and demolish this completely through awareness programs.

Governmental agencies/ departments/ volunteers/ political parties and even primer minister are appealing on covid 19 awareness objectives. They are requesting to every common people of country to stay home and maintain hygiene. Also, follow instructions given against COVID-19 epidemic.
In same manner, we planned to do awareness events as named as CLAW-19.

Purpose of CLAW-19 event is to aware people regarding COVID-19. Also situation needs to engage people in innovations and learning processes during the period of epidemic lock-down.

Thanks and Be a part of it.

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