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Powerful Fats Meaning in Hindi – Feature, Type, RDA & Benefits: Podcast

Learn and get the complete information about fats meaning in Hindi language. Here is a Hindi podcast audio for you to know deep about healthy fats. So, check and enjoy the audio.

Fats definition, types, benefits and meaning in HINDI

Fats are the macro-compounds which are made up of glycerol and fatty acids. Listen the audio for more details.
Fats, its types, features, RDA and benefits (HINDI): Health Jaagran

Normally, we think that fats are not good for our health. In fact, we have partial knowledge of the facts. Actually, there must be a balanced form of fats constituents in our body for having sound health. There is a lack of knowledge, so we need to understand basic things about the role of fats in our healthy life.

Prevention is always better than cure. So we need to be alert, be aware of health aspects and make a healthy balance in-between fatty acids so that to prevent yourself for enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

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Why Do We Need Vitamins and Minerals for Good Health: Hindi Podcast

Are you be aware about the need of nutrients in the body. Why do we need vitamins and minerals in our daily routine habits. Know the detailed information in Hindi audio podcast.

Why do we need vitamins and minerals

Given below is the Hindi podcast for you. It is to learn and gather information in Hindi language. Check and learn the information.
Definitions, types, roles, functions and importance of Vitamins and Minerals (HINDI): Health Jaagran


Nutrients which are required in very much smaller qualities. They are smaller as compared to macro-nutrients in the body of an organism.

Types of micro-nutrients

  1. Vitamins (organic compounds): Water-soluble & Fat-soluble vitamins.
  2. Minerals (inorganic compounds): Macro-minerals & Trace minerals.

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Vitamin D

Know Why Nutrition Is Important for Our Healthy Life : Hindi Podcast

Nutrition is the vital pillar of our health. So, we need to learn that why nutrition is important for us. Nutrition and malnutrition plays important role in every aspects of our healthy lifestyle.

Role of nutrition and malnutrition: HINDI

Hey friends, here we are going to know about the concept of nutrition and malnutrition. Check and listen the audio file for more detailed information.
Importance of nutrition and malnutrition (HINDI): Health Jaagran

Stay tuned, stay healthy.


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Lifestyle Diseases in Hindi -Hyper/Hypotension, Immunity & Arthritis: Hindi

Here, we will understand the importance of nutrition and its effects on lifestyle diseases in Hindi. Some facts will be cleared at basic levels that why do we need nutrition and how are we going through it.

Lifestyle has been engaged with junk foods and which is creating a loss of health in day today life.

Hypertension, Hypotension, Immunity & Arthritis: Hindi Podcast

Friends, it is becoming a serious matter to know about health and nutrition. Apart from physical exercise, yoga, adequate rest, positive mental attitude and scheduled lifestyle, nutrition is the most important feature of our healthy life. So, listen the audios to unfold some secrets.
Health awareness session no. 2 on Hypertension, Hypotension, Immunity & Arthritis (HINDI) – Health Jaagran

Health Meaning in Hindi and Its Importance : Hindi Podcast

Health is wealth. So, we need to be aware about its importance. Know health meaning in Hindi and help yourself in booting healthy life.

Health Definition, Types, Health Pillars and Importance Of Health: HINDI

Check and listen given below audio file to know definition of health, its types and importance for getting healthy lifestyle.
Episode – Health definition, types, pillars and its importance (HINDI): Health Jaagran

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How Nutrients and Nutrition Difference Can Aware Us about Healthy Life

Here, we are going to share different topics of healthy lifestyle with our guest speakers. Knowledge sharing on importance of essential nutrients and phyto nutrients. Also, you will be able to identify nutrients and nutrition difference.

Essential Nutrients, Phytonutrients and Nutrition for an organism: HINDI Podcast
Health awareness session no. 1 on nutrition (HINDI) – Health Jaagran

We need to understand the importance of essential nutrients and phyto-nutrients in maintaining our optimal health.

Please check and listen above podcast audio file to get detailed information on above mentioned topics.

Nutrition definition in English.

Nutrition definition in Hindi.

Never ever fail to fulfill nutritional requirement of body.

Stay healthy stay safe.