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Is Nutrilite a Good Brand : Health & Wellness – Health Jaagran

Do you know about Nutrilite? Nutrition is incomplete without Nutrilite. Many of you ask – Is Nutrilite a good brand? I answer it “Yes”.

Nutrilite, is the renowned name in the field of nutrition and health wellness industry. Although, this brand is the world’s no. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand.

Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins & Dietary Supplements, World, GBN, Retail Value RSP.

It is started in 1934. Today, it has been served for more than 85 years.

Organic farms

Nutrilite brand beats on its certified organic farms, where Nutrilite grows the plants for making Nutrilite products, which are so much close to nature.

Today, Nutrilite has more than 6400 acres of farms all over world. These are being managed with environmentally responsible and sustainable biological intensive agriculture practices. Hence, it is providing botanicals grown in accordance with nature.

There are so much efforts to maintain the natural integrity, nutritional value and number one standing of Nutrilite as a world’s no. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand.

nutrilite organic farming
Amway Nutrilite brochure

Working philosophy

Nutrilite brand follows a philosophy of best in nature, best in science and best in traditional wisdom. From state of art, nutrient analysis to organically grown plants, Nutrilite finds the best in nature and through the best of science. So, it helps us in connecting with nature everyday.

Nutrilite extracts the inherent goodness of nature through advanced technology in the world. It leads to optimal nutrition and gives best life to live with nature.

There are 500 scientists and 57 laboratories with Nutrilite brand. Nutrilite maintains stringent standards along with continuous process for further improvement in each segment.

Concentrated formulas enhance the efficiency of many Amway products. These products offer excellent value-for-money. They are also biodegradable, environment friendly and not tested on animals.


The Nutrilite brand is all about a personalized approach to optimal nutrition. That’s why Nutrilite offers such a wide array of products, programs and customized ways to complement a diet & a balanced lifestyle with supplementation. Also, it offers ways for weight management and other healthy lifestyle tools. So each person can find his or her personal path to optimal nutrition.

Source: Amway Nutrilite brochure

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Little Known Facts in The World About Food Supplements And Vitamins

Why should you be aware about the value of food supplements and vitamins in your day today life?

Here are some facts, which will help you in making clarity about the basics of food supplements and nutrients. 

food supplements and vitamins

You must have heard the proverb “Health Is Wealth” but do you realize that it fits in your lifestyle or not. In fact, you are going at a fast pace with compromising your health by skipping meals, taking excessive fast foods, no hard work, stress and many more. Therefore, in today’s world, food supplements and vitamins are becoming an essential part of your life to live a healthy lifestyle.

Let starts with basics so that you can really be aware of the facts in the world about food supplements.

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What does it mean by food supplement ?

Food supplements are the dietary products, which are intended to be an additional source of nutrition for maintaining healthy condition of body cells so that to avoid health problems due to degenerative disorders of cells.

Why do you need food supplements and vitamins ?

Nowadays, you are lagging your optimal nutrition because of your busy and fast paced lifestyle habits, which results in degenerative disorders of body cells. In addition, cell degeneration is the cause behind many commonly known diseases in today’s world like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Cancer, Arthritis, Heart attack etc.

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If body cells are deficient in nutrition (nutrients required by them for regular body activities), then definitely body cell degeneration process will be proceeded.

In addition to your hectic lifestyle, there are so many other factors, which are influencing your health.

Following are few more reasons of taking food supplements

Increase in pollution (Air, Water, Soil etc.).

UV radiations & mobile phone radiations.

Excessive use of medicines, e.g. synthetic antibiotics.

Consumption of fast foods or stale (no longer fresh) food.

Lack of physical exercise, yoga & etc.

Negative attitude i.e. lack of positivity around you.

Fast pace stressful daily routines.

Use of chemicals in farming processes.

Adulteration in foods and beverages.

Excessive use of additives in food products like flavor, smell, preservatives etc.

Use of synthetic household detergents which generates hazardous gases.

So, you need to take #food supplements and vitamins so that to enhance the capability of your immune system (body’s defence system) & energy level. Importantly, supplements help in doing daily routine activities and to protect body cells from degeneration.

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What are the sources of food supplements ?

Type of source is most important for getting the exact goodness of supplements. As you know that organic food source is always good for health. But, it is hard to find and select appropriate one. So, you need to search and gather knowledge before taking food supplements and vitamins. Study well and go with genuine products.

Food supplements can be manufactured from two sources

Natural source (raw organic food)

Synthetic source (chemically made)

Synthetic sources can promote cell degeneration after long use while natural sources will enhance immune system and energy level of body.

What are the forms of food supplements ?

Food supplements can be used in various forms as per our ease to intake it. Obviously, these are essential for providing nutrients to the body cells. 

Following are different forms

Capsule form

Powder form

Liquid form

What are the processes of making food supplements ?

Food supplements are made up of either natural or synthetic food sources by manufacturer. Final products are formulated either from individual source or a combination of different sources as per required quality, features and standards of the product.

Natural process

i) Seed selection (pure, safe and potent seed)

ii) Organic farming (no use of chemicals)

iii) Harvesting (cropping at peak time of nutrients availability in plant)

iv) Formulation of supplement (either of individual or a combination of different sources)

v) Supplement (final product after successful trial and testing of product quality)

Tulsi Rose Tea

Mint Green Tea

Tulsi, Moringa & Mint Tea

Cinnamon Tea

What are the key benefits of dietary food supplements and vitamins ?

Given below are the advantages of food supplements and vitamins.

• Helps in increasing energy level (supports vitality) of body cells.

• Helps in making strong defence system (builds immune system) against infections & free radicals i.e. oxidative stress.

• Protects from degenerative diseases i.e. reduce cell degeneration.

• Helps in boosting mental and physical health completely.

• Reduce aging of body cells.

List of dietary supplements


Nutraceutical supplements, special type of supplements which are required for curing lifestyle diseases.

Health supplements, foundation supplements which are required for maintaining food health.

Based on nutrition

i). Protein, long chain of amino acids. Protein is building block of body cell.

ii). Multi vitamins, helps in chemical reactions.

iii). Multi minerals, helps in chemical reactions.

iv). Omega-3, fatty acid that maintains fatty acid ratio in the body.

v). Fiber, helps in digestion system (GI track).

vi). Antibiotics, helps in booting immune health.

vii). Antioxidants, helps in reducing free radicals effect.

viii). Phytonutrients, provide anti-aging capabilities.

Based on usage

  • For supporting cardiac health (protein, multi vitamin, multi mineral, omega-3, garlic, cholesterol balance)
  • Vision health (protein, multi vitamin, multi mineral, multi carotene, omega-3)
  • Bone and Joint health (protein, multi vitamin, multi mineral, omega-3, calcium-magnesium, vitamin D, glucosamine with HCL)
  • Immunity health (protein, multi vitamin, multi mineral, omega-3, vitamin C, vitamin E, echinacea, tulsi)
  • Digestive health (protein, multi vitamin, multi mineral, fiber, amalaki-vibhitaki-haritaki (AVH))
  • Liver health (protein, multi vitamin, multi mineral, milk thistle)
  • Weight management (protein, multi vitamin, multi mineral, omega-3)
  • Body vitality (protein, multi vitamin, multi mineral, ashwagandha)
  • Nervous health (protein, multi vitamin, multi mineral, omega-3, ginseng)

It is advised to you to take organic food supplements and vitamins for protecting your body from infections and degenerative disorders. Food supplements support vitality and help in boosting up immune system for fighting against viruses and bacteria. Supplements provide essential nutrients for the growth, repairing and development of body cells.

Did you really get the benefits from above information? Please share your feelings and doubts at our e-mail ID (contact information is on contact page).

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