What is health?

Normally in our society, we say that the health of an individual is the condition when an individual is not affected by any kind of disease. In fact, free from illness, injury and pain. We treat it as healthy life.


WHO (World Health Organization) says:Health definition by WHO

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Significance of good health comes with good balance in between body, mind and relationships.

Types of health:

Physical Health or State: (Body):

Physical health is the condition of a body that defines the overall wellbeingness of an organism with respect to the fitness level and the absence of diseases in the body at physical level. It can be affected by our lifestyle.

Following are few measures of physical health –

  • Anatomical condition
  • Physiological condition
  • Biochemical functions of body
  • Investigations done by using anthropometric methods, CBC (Complete blood count), CUT (Complete urine test), KFT (Kidney failure test), LFT (Liver failure test), RFT (Renal failure test) etc.
Mental Health or State: (Mind):

Mental health is the condition of a body that defines the overall wellbeingness of an organism with respect to emotional state. It is all about our feelings, wishes, thinking and behavior.

Following are few measures of mental health –

  • Psychological condition
  • Spirituality
  • Enjoyment of his/her life
  • Good relationship with others
  • Stress level
  • Investigations done by IQ test, personality test etc. (Mental problems are identified based on the experiences and observations of a variety of symptoms and then results into a psychiatric diagnosis while with psychological problems, the clinicians formulate a hypothesis based on symptoms as per social and environmental factors affecting the patient).
Social Health or State: (Relationship):

Social health is defined as the state of ability of an organism to make healthy relationships with other organism in positive ways.

Following are few measures of social health –

  • Living well in surroundings
  • Cultural aspects
  • Traditional life
  • Conversation in society
  • Investigations done by checking personal & social attitude, level of literacy, employment, respect in society, communication skills etc.

In addition, Optimal Health (Definition of optimal health) equals to the status of physical exercise, positive mental attitude, adequate rest and nutritional intake of an individual.

Pillars of optimal health of an organism:

E(Physical exercise) +

A(Positive attitude) +

R(Adequate rest) +

N(Good nutrition).

That’s why, we call that optimal health does not come by self. It has to EARN.

E = Physical exercise: Medical science and clinicians/doctors suggests that everyone should do exercise (sweat must come) of minimum 30 min to 45 min per day.

A = Positive attitude: Everyone must read positive mental attitude books or listen audios/ videos for enhancing positive mindset.

R = Adequate rest: As per medical experts, everyone must sleep well in between  appx. 6 hrs. to 8 hrs. daily.

N = Good nutrition: Good nutritious food is required to fulfill basic energy requirement of body cells, growth and maintenance of body cells, regulation of body fluids and building immune system for protection of body cells from foreign particles.

Prevention is better than cure. So be alert, be aware of health aspects and prevent yourself & your surroundings for enjoying a healthy life.

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